Who We Are And What We Stand For

As a communiy we are committed to work for social, economic and religious justice on behalf of all people, especially the marginalized, those who have not been fully welcomed or sacramentally affirmed in other denominations because of gender, divorce, remarriage, sexual orientation, faith tradition, immigrant or refugee status. We welcome all.

While the historic Apostolic Succession of our bishop and clergy exists, we are not a hierarchical church. Bishops are elected by the laity and clergy and serve a teaching and sacramental function as well as shepherding congregations and clergy. We are governed by elected lay and clergy officers at both the diocesan and national church level.

The American Ecumenical National Church and it’s Dioceses of Connecticut and Massachusetts are incorporated in the respective states.

As clergy we are called upon to participate as celebrants in matrimony, baptism, religious education classes for children and adults, sacrament of the sick and funerals. We visit nursing homes and celebrate liturgy. We serve as chaplains to the dying and their families. We provide Reiki Energy work to the ill and dying from Master Practioner Deacon Jean Gilberte. Currently Most Rev Lorraine Bouffard attends Bidwell and Westside Nursing Homes in Manchester, CT.

Board of Directors

President Most Rev. Dianne Sullivan, Bishop and Pastor
Secretary Rev. Jean Gilberte, Deacon
Treasurer Rev. Kathy Christianson, Deacon
Diocesan Treasurer John Sullivan
Trustee Susan McQuade
Trustee Hazel Leibenguth
Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Dr. Lorraine Bouffard

Diocese of Massachusetts

Rev. Linda Smith, Deacon
Rev. Linda Crammer, Priest
Most Rev. John French, Bishop (508) 385-8897, gllennstal @yahoo. com

Suggested Readings

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“An Altar in the World” Barbara Brown Taylor
“The Gift of Years” Joan Chittister
“A Way to God, Thomas Merton’s Creation Spirituality Journey” Matthew Fox
“Upstream” Mary Oliver
“Gace and Grit” Ken Wilber
“Spiritual Unfoldment-1” White Eagle
“The Call, Discovering Why You are Here” Oriah Mountain Dreamer
“Being Mortal” Atul Gawande
“When Breath Becomes Air” Paul Kalanithi
“The Wisdom Jesus” Cynthia Bouregeault
“Celtic Prayers from Iona” Philipe Newell
“The Essence of Happiness” His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M.D.
“Original Blessing” Matthew Fox
“One River, Many Wells” Matthew Fox
“What the Mystics Know” Richar Rohr
“When Things Fall Apart” Pema Chodron
“Peace is Every Step” Thich Naht Hanh
“Integral Spirituality” Ken Wilber
“Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim” Edward Hays
“Blessed are the Consumers, Climat Change and the Practice of Restraint” Sallie McFague
“Zealot, The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” Reza Aslan