God is Love

Homily for Mark 1:1-8
Jean Gilbert, Deacon


John the Baptist WAS that herald’s voice in the desert who came to make ready, for all, the way to God; a straight path to Our God. He was also preparing everyone for Jesus’ mission here on earth.

When I hear a path, I think of a road to somewhere. But, it has nothing to do with geographical location but has everything to do with making ourselves ready to receive God into our heart, mind and soul. The path that Isaiah was talking about was the path to our inner selves. God did not and does not want us to live in darkness. Without God, that is exactly where we would be, in darkness. With God in our lives, we elevate to a place of joy and hope and peace.

Jesus came to show us just that. How to find joy and hope through having and believing that God is all about love and compassion.

A long time ago in my life, I knew only the God of judgment. I lived in fear of that judgment as did my mother. I now realize that she could not be happy because she kept thinking of all the things she did that God would judge her for and that there was no way she would ever go to heaven. I, also, grew up believing just that. So, I lived in fear.

As I have studied and learned so much more about Jesus and his mission here on earth, I’ve come to realize that people were the ones who wrote about God judging us. Jesus came to change that; to change how we see God. Jesus talked about God’s love for all of us. How God has unending compassion for every single person here on this earth. This knowledge has changed my life for I don’t live in fear anymore, but I am filled with hope. This hope has finally brought joy in my heart and I am forever grateful for Jesus who came to give us the good news about our God.

My wish and prayer for all people is for all to listen to what Jesus said about the loving God, the compassionate God, the non-judgmental God. I wish I could snap my fingers and have everyone believe this but this is what our journey is all about. It is about the path that we choose to take that will hopefully bring us to what Jesus knew, and that was, for us to trust in the ever loving God. Take to heart what Jesus has said to us because we are not meant to suffer or live in fear. We are to clear the path for when we do, that path will be smooth for there will be no pebbles, no weeds. Our hearts will then have a safe journey to God’s love.

Jesus wanted us to know that we are safe and well. We are to have compassion for ourselves and others. We are then to spread love and joy that is coming from our heart. For what God has given us, we are to pass it on. We are not to keep that joy just for ourselves. A smile will go a long way for someone who is in need.

John the Baptist spoke of Jesus’ coming. Jesus came and told us how to open our heart to God’s love for us. Christmas is a reminder of what is to come with Jesus in our lives. Trust what Jesus came here to tell us.

God Bless all of you.

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