Don’t be afraid

Rev Jean Gilberte, Deacon

How scared the apostles and the followers of Jesus must have been after they witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus. We are told they had gone to a room and locked the door. There must have been so much fear that went through them while in that room. Then, without any doors opening, they saw Jesus in the room. Jesus, who could feel their fears said to them, “Peace be with you and then breathes on them saying, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” Don’t we wish that Jesus could be here with us in earthly body and say those words to us?

Life can be great but there are times when life is not so easy. Often when life does get tough, maybe from the loss of a loved one or things happen that might fill us with anger or we might be afraid. In those trying times, we might do what the apostles did in that room and that is to lock the door. But the door that we lock is the door to our heart. When that happens, love can’t get in. Without feeling love, we can then go into despair.

Jesus wants us to know that he comes into the locked places in our everyday life. Jesus stands among us even if we don’t see him.

Jesus comes by our side and whispers, “Peace, for you are loved.” Maybe some of us are just like Thomas and want to feel the wounds before we believe. I tell you, Jesus is here with us and I know that, without Jesus to help me through some tough times, I would not be here today. He gave me the strength to go on when I thought I had no more strength. I have learned to ask Jesus to help whenever I need support and support is given. I am so very grateful every day and I voice that gratitude on a daily basis.

Jesus said to Thomas, “Do not persist in your unbelief, but believe! You have become a believer because you saw me. Blessed are they who have not seen and have believed.” Every time we ask Jesus to help us, we are saying to Jesus and God that we do believe. We are all here today because we believe without seeing. Because of our belief, we are to always remember to ask Jesus to help us feel the peace that he always talked about. Jesus went through so much suffering, and as he did, he showed us the importance of asking God for strength and strength was given to him. Jesus knew this was part of his journey in this worldly life. His journey to teach the world forever about God’s unconditional love for all of us— from the beginning of time. Jesus always trusted God to

be with him no matter what. Jesus always gave prayers of gratitude. He taught us by example. To be kind to others, to forgive ourselves so we can forgive others, to love ourselves so we can love others, to trust God to be with us always and how to say thank you. When we fully trust God, fear will slowly leave our lives. We will then be able to live in peace.

Jesus is saying to all of us today, “Peace be with you. As God sent me, so I am sending you.” “Receive the Holy Spirit” and hopefully we will say to him, “I believe without seeing. Thank you Jesus for teaching us how to trust without seeing.” Can we all give Jesus a big THANK YOU right now. Let’s say it all together. THANK YOU, JESUS.

May the Peace of God be always with all of you.

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