Trusting in God

Rev Jean Gilberte, Deacon

Jesus truly trusted God’s will. John speaks of the many close friends and family members of Jesus; Mary, Martha and Lazarus were his closest friends. Jesus knew his ability to heal but when he heard that Lazarus, whom he loved dearly, was deathly sick, he didn’t just leave right away but continued his work where he was. Jesus always listened to the guidance from God before doing anything. He was not guided, at the time, to go immediately even though he so loved Lazarus. Jesus trusted God and knew it would be all right.

When Jesus arrived home, Martha met him and was angry. She was angry with him for not arriving sooner. Jesus did not let his ego take in the anger. In his wisdom, he knew the depth of her sorrow and he consoled her.

One thing that Jesus said that I love and will try to remember on my daily journey is: “Those who are alive and believe in me will never die.” I understand this to mean that our spirit will not die during times of difficulty. Trusting in God and Jesus will make the difficulties doable. All I have to do is to trust but I have to say that it is not always easy to do. Don’t you agree?

Without God, we would go into fear and fear clouds our thinking. We are then unable to process things because our minds get muddled which might lead us to take the wrong direction and do what is not in our best interest.

Jesus trusted God fully. He knew deep down that if it was God’s will for Lazarus to live, it would be done. He had no doubt. Before he even asked God to bring Lazarus to life, Jesus gave thanks to God for listening and being with him. Jesus is giving us this example to show us how to ask God to help in our times of need. We are to make it simple. God hears us.

God says: “I am always with thee, my children.” “I love thee no matter what has happened. Every smile you give, every little deed you do (no matter how small) I am grateful to thee.” “I love you all. You are My Precious Children.

Do not fear for I am with thee always. Ask Me anything, give Me your worries, I hear your heart’s desires. If you think you are not worthy, please forgive yourselves as I love thee and see the beauty of who you really are. Remember that I am always with thee.”

God does not desert us, we might forget God’s presence at our most difficult moments but we are to remember that God never, never leaves us.

God had Jesus wait days before leaving to see Lazarus. Through Jesus, God showed everyone present that day and even today 2000 years later, that God’s presence is always here in our hearts to help and guide us. Whether we believe it or not, it is the truth.

Jesus is our greatest teacher. He taught us how to trust; to look at someone’s soul and not just concentrate on the anger that person might be throwing at us. This is our life work and it is work but with God in us, all is possible. Three simple words, “Trust In God” I hope you take it with you when you leave this room today because it is the truth.

I love you all. God bless.

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